Introducing modern policy making for sustainable land and water use, rural development and integrated land and water management. This includes the change of the top-down policies of central planning towards stakeholder based introduction of the People, Planet, Profit principles in policy making


Creation of an open partnership environment involving stakeholders at various levels


We consistently demonstrate professionalism and respect in our communications and in our behavior


Initiation, formulation, co-financing and coordination of inter-governmental projects and pilots on Rural Development and integrated land- and water management, with strong stakeholder’s involvement components;

Facilitation of the establishing of water- and land users associations, and of rural cooperatives

Establishment of local Stakeholder dialogues and multi-stakeholder platforms at regional and local level;

Facilitation of policy- and legislation development.


On February 2, in the format of an online conference, at the initiative of the NGO Primavera, a workshop was held as part of a short-term volunteer project to determine the directions for the implementation and further development of the Water Strategy of Ukraine, which was approved by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers dated December 9, 2022 under No. 1134.The Water Strategy defines the main [...]

WUR symposium

Dec 5, 2022

On 30th of November 2022 NGO Primavera participated in WUR symposium, which was dedicated to the cooperation activities in Central & Eastern Europe in research and innovation for the Green Deal and the transformation of the food systems and the sustainability in the region. The symposium brought together interested in the region WUR colleagues and partners, to discuss cooperation opportunities [...]


Sep 30, 2022

The Russian invasion and war in Ukraine have damaged large rural areas, including relevant food supply chains, agriculture, food hubs, production areas, water supply systems as well as ecology and environment. The Ukrainian Government is planning the post-war recovery and rebuilding phase of the country with as much support from Western partners. Wageningen University and Research (WUR) is known [...]