Our organisation

    Primavera is an international, non-government, professional organisation with Ukrainian and international members. In addition to the membership fees, Primavera receives funds for projects that fit in the its mission statement. These projects deal with participation of different groups of international, national, regional and local stakeholders to reach the goals of rural development and sustainable land and water use in agriculture.

    Attitude and style of working

    Primavera has established a tradition of working fast without bureaucracy and has a large, broad and high level network. Primavera applies in all her activities an intrinsic, fully modern, transparent, participatory and accountable philosophy and attitude.


    Olga Zhovtonog
        Olga Zhovtonog, director of NGO Primavera.
              Policy making and reform process management System analyzes and strategic planning Water management and irrigation management Soil conservation and water saving technologies Environment protection and climate adaptation in irrigated agriculture Integrated land and water resource management, land consolidation Coordination of international integrated research and PPP projects Organization and management of stakeholders participation process for rural development Facilitation for rural development policy formulation Coaching Consolidated Communities to set-up local rural development projects Process-management, coaching on Good Governance and networking activities Knowledge dissemination on integrated nature resource management
    Polishchuk Vitalii
      Polishchuk Vitalii, expert.
              Irrigation planning Irrigation management Models of irrigation systems sustainable management Integrated land and water resource management Organization of stakeholders’ participating process Assessment of irrigation performance Feasibility study of irrigation systems reconstruction and modernization
    Matiash Tetiana
      Matiash Tetiana, expert
              Development and promotion of information systems to ensure sustainable development of agriculture Development of an irrigation management system Development and implementation of energy-efficient irrigation technologies. Creation of irrigation control system Irrigation Online.
    Mykhailo Yatsiuk
      Mykhailo Yatsiuk, expert.
              Improving water legislation Integrated water management Monitoring of water quality Minimizing the impact of harmful effects of water Assessment of the technical condition of engineering infrastructure of reclamation systems/ Development of amendments to the Water Code of Ukaine, the Law of Ukraine "On Targeted National Program for the Development of Water Management and Environmental Improvement of the Dnieper River Basin for the Period up ïo 2021", the Regulation on the State Water Resources Agency, other legislative and regulatory acts in the field of water and environmental legislation.
    Alla Saliuk
      Alla Saliuk, expert.
              Irrigation planning, benchmarking of irrigation systems performance, models of irrigation systems sustainable management, assessment of the climate change risk, feasibility study of irrigation systems reconstruction and modernization, organization of stakeholders’ participating process
    Yaryna Butenko
      Yaryna Butenko, expert.
              Field research of soil moisture and crop monitoring for operational planning of irrigation Using RS-data for calculation of evapotranspiration rates Identification suboptimal conditions of crops and their impact on evapotranspiration Development methods of water protection and crop yield increase
    Henk Moena
      Henk Moen, expert
              Consultant on water and land resources management and rural development, the Netherlands Рroject leader and -advisor, experienced in many kinds of land management- and rural development- projects , integrated land/water- development projects, land consolidation and dynamic landbanks, in the Netherlands and many other European countries. He is used to work in complex surroundings and environments, with administrative high officials and experts of many kinds of organisations, and in different 'cultures'. His approach is open-minded, respectfuÍ and sensitive to the culture of the countries and organisations he works with, and is able to work in early-stage, notyet-clear processes and - well defined projects. He has a positive view on life and attitude in work and acts team-oriented.
    Koen Roest
      Koen Roest, expert.
              Project manager integrated water management projects Water productivity in agriculture Water demand management Crop water requirements lrrigation and drainage management support Development of Agroparks and Metropolitan Food Clusters Reuse of water Hydrological studies Environmental lmpact analysis National water resources planning Communication and stakeholder consultation in water projects and policy development