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At the request of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine (Ministry of Agricultural Policy) and the State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre (State Geocadaster), FAO implemented project FAO/TCP/UKR/3601 with NGO Primavera involment in 2017, which included the component "Introduction of voluntary consolidation of land and development of pilot projects". As part of the implementation of the project in two potential pilot regions (Kyiv and Kherson regions) technical and economic substantiation of land consolidation options was performed. In order to substantiate the need for the implementation of land consolidation, data collection was carried out at the level of selected pilot research areas and a clear understanding of existing and potential problems related to land fragmentation was obtained for the preparation of the Report on the legal assessment and basis for land consolidation in Ukraine and the development of a detailed Concept Note for promising land consolidation projects funded by donor organizations.

The study was conducted in two regions, which were pre-selected as typical within Ukraine in terms of specialization of agricultural production, natural and climatic conditions (availability of irrigated and rainfed lands) and problems of land fragmentation. The total area of the project's pilot territories was 44,000 hectares.

The research methodology was based on a series of discussions in target focus groups and a survey of the main groups of interested parties, using appropriate survey forms, in addition, analysis of cadastral data, mapping of existing farm structures, schemes and maps were prepared for the organization of work during meetings with interested parties.

During the study of the justification for the implementation of land consolidation, the local interested parties were large and medium-sized farms owned by joint-stock companies, medium-sized and small (family) farms, including individuals who cultivate their own plots of land, and representatives of local state authorities at various levels (village, district, region), central state authorities (DGC, MAPP) and public organizations.

Project goal was to introduce and develop good governance  and participatory instruments supporting further rural development and an open and transparent land market development in Ukraine. This goal was reached by starting social learning processes via establishment of Public Platforms on Land Reform and Rural Development  issues, in each of the (pilot) projects under the Ukr/NL Cooperation Agreement. This was done in order to draw lessons and develop guidelines on national level, and therewith implement the principles of good governance and Human Rights.
Final REPORT MATRA 2014-2015

2012-2013   Participation in an international team led by DLG-NL for advice to Ukrainian State Land bank on development of a strategy and action plan to transfer first millions ha of State lands to the Bank (in 3 different advice missions)


The project was implemented during 2011-2012 by DLG of the Netherlands. The project supported the preparation of land market development and the initial steps towards a land consolidation programme. Policy advice was provided in the fields of both simple and integrated land consolidation, land market development, land banking and in relation to rural development.

The goal of the project is to promote the start of simple voluntary land consolidation and the development of integrated consolidation of land, water and forest resources in rural areas

Project partners - the project was led and coordinated by the State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine in close cooperation with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the State Agency of Water Resources and the State Agency of Forest Resources with the participation and consulting support of the NGO Primavera From the Dutch the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine and the State Agency for Land and Water Resources Management DLG participated in the project

2010-2011  Participation in G2G Dutch-Ukrainian project "Harmonisation of the Rural development policy in Ukraine with EU standards; bilateral exchange of views and experiences"

2006-2008 Participation in G2G  Dutch-Ukrainian project “Land and Water Consolidation project (Pripyat Region)”

2006-2007  Organisation and management of the Dutch-Ukrainian Advisory Committee on “Water for Food and Ecosystems” (Water Panel)

2007-2011  Participation in international project "Water scenarios for Europe and neighbouring states" (SCENES), 6 EU Framework Progtamme